3 Ways To Relieve Financial Pressure

Financial pressure builds in most people at one time or another. If you aren’t feeling it, you know someone who is. In a ‘do better,’ ‘accumulate more,’ ‘keep up or catch up,’ and ‘whatever you do don’t let them see you sweat’ culture, pressure is accepted as a given. But when a major crisis happens, […]

How To Use Debt Wisely

Most everyone has some debt, some more than others. However, the type of debt you have has a significant impact on your financial situation. There is good debt and bad debt. You use good debt to enhance your situation and increase your net worth. You should avoid bad debt altogether. Here’s how to tell the […]

How You Can be Mislead by the Way Numbers are Written

A billion dollars doesn’t sound like much these days now that we are throwing around trillion dollar deficits for as far as the eye can see. One of the main reasons it doesn’t sound so bad is because of the way we present the information. A billion dollars sounds like a trillion dollars, which isn’t […]

Shocker! Study shows couples disagree about money

A  study surveyed over 500 couples and found that almost 40% of them disagree on the lifestyle they expect in retirement, more than a third disagree on their planned retirement age, and two out of five don’t agree on whether one or both will work during retirement. I know what you’re thinking, “Couples don’t agree? […]

Superbowl Prediction Folly

Parade, the insert in many Sunday papers has a section called the “Intelligence Report” Intelligent? Well, let’s see about that. The article, The Truth Behind Super Bowl Myths caught my attention today as they knew it would. But the pull quote saying, “Does the big game predict the stock market? Strangely, yes,” made me stop […]

How to Avoid a Galleon-esque Scandal

The recent Galleon hedge fund scandal made headlines with household names like Intel, Google, and Hilton caught up in the scheme. And while many people breeze by this as another story about greed on Wall Street, there are solid underlying lessons that can help anyone make better financial decisions: 1. If it sounds too good […]

Housing … Again

I can’t help it. I just have to say it again. Speculation and investing are two different things. Invest in your own home…wise move. Invest in other properties with a buy and hold strategy…wise move. Speculate in a flipping strategy… risky at best, disaster at worst. The markets need speculation to provide liquidity, so if […]

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