3 Ways To Relieve Financial Pressure

Financial pressure builds in most people at one time or another. If you aren’t feeling it, you know someone who is. In a ‘do better,’ ‘accumulate more,’ ‘keep up or catch up,’ and ‘whatever you do don’t let them see you sweat’ culture, pressure is accepted as a given. But when a major crisis happens, […]

How To Use Debt Wisely

Most everyone has some debt, some more than others. However, the type of debt you have has a significant impact on your financial situation. There is good debt and bad debt. You use good debt to enhance your situation and increase your net worth. You should avoid bad debt altogether. Here’s how to tell the […]

How You Can be Mislead by the Way Numbers are Written

A billion dollars doesn’t sound like much these days now that we are throwing around trillion dollar deficits for as far as the eye can see. One of the main reasons it doesn’t sound so bad is because of the way we present the information. A billion dollars sounds like a trillion dollars, which isn’t […]

Shocker! Study shows couples disagree about money

A  study surveyed over 500 couples and found that almost 40% of them disagree on the lifestyle they expect in retirement, more than a third disagree on their planned retirement age, and two out of five don’t agree on whether one or both will work during retirement. I know what you’re thinking, “Couples don’t agree? […]

Pension Canaries in the Coal Mine

Today the Financial Times reported that “California has acted as the canary in a financial coal mine lately for the rest of the US.” They have recognized the problem of promising much without the ability to deliver. But they haven’t got a real solution. “Northwestern University calculated before the latest bear market that, using risk-adjusted […]

Risk and Reward Biotech Style

Potentially large rewards come with significant risks. There is no better example than developing new drugs. Medivation, a biotech company. set an all time high on it’s stock price on Tuesday of $40.49 due to it’s new hopeful Alzheimer’s treatment. But when results were announced today that it failed to be effective in a large […]

Basically, It’s Over…Or Is It?

Warren Buffett, the Oracle of Omaha and the second richest person in the world, released his annual shareholder letter recently. This is required reading for any investment professional. They already know that. You should read it too. But assuming you won’t, I will try to summarize the salient points from which you can learn and […]

Another Iceberg in the Foggy Distance

The Capitan of the Titanic was asleep in his cabin when they hit the iceberg. In today’s dangerous waters, it’s tough to get any sleep at all because of icebergs like this: High Yield Debt Refunding Requirements A recent Moody’s report says, “U.S. speculative-grade issuers face more than $800 billion in refunding requirements over the […]

Eye of the Housing Hurricane

After the first wall of the hurricane passes, there’s a lull. You’re in the eye of the hurricane. It may feel like it’s over, but it’s not. It just feels better because the wind stopped blowing for a minute. But when the second wall comes through, it could be just as bad as the first. […]

Bill Gates is still learning. R U?

Bill Gates writes a blog. Who knew? It’s called the Gates Notes and he covers what he’s thinking, learning and doing. While it might be interesting to some to find out what he is doing to help with Malaria in Africa, education in America, or system development to deal with the next pandemic – I […]

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