3 Ways To Relieve Financial Pressure

Financial pressure builds in most people at one time or another. If you aren’t feeling it, you know someone who is. In a ‘do better,’ ‘accumulate more,’ ‘keep up or catch up,’ and ‘whatever you do don’t let them see you sweat’ culture, pressure is accepted as a given. But when a major crisis happens, […]

Shocker! Study shows couples disagree about money

A  study surveyed over 500 couples and found that almost 40% of them disagree on the lifestyle they expect in retirement, more than a third disagree on their planned retirement age, and two out of five don’t agree on whether one or both will work during retirement. I know what you’re thinking, “Couples don’t agree? […]

Critical Thinking Episode 27

This week in critical thinking covers wishful thinking. Is your thinking wishful or real? Many people think in wishful terms, ie. the world should be like this or that. But that can lead to making bad decisions. Focus on what’s probable and realistic. Take away: Make decisions based on what is likely to actually happen, which […]

Critical Thinking Episode 26

This week in critical thinking covers being wealthy. When are you wealthy? Many people think income is wealth, but money is stored work and some people that have a lot of income haven’t stored any of it. They aren’t wealthy. Wealth is your net worth, calculated as your assets minus your liabilities. If that number […]

Critical Thinking Episode 25

This week in critical thinking covers dealing with bad news. How to deal with bad news is always challenging, not in any small measure because of the emotions attached with it. Start with recognizing that you will likely have an emotional response to this and try not to make decisions too quickly. Sure some things […]

Critical Thinking Episode 24

This week in critical thinking covers finding the truth. There’s lots of talk about fiscal policy, spending cuts, tax cuts, and the deficit. But how much of it is wishful thinking and how much is reality? That’s the critical thinking issue this week. Take away: You know how to get someone to like you? Tell them […]

Critical Thinking Episode 23

This week in critical thinking covers analyses. A recent article said that the American stock market (S&P 500) was one of the worst places to put money over the last decade, therefore is positioned to be the best investment over the next decade. But they gave no other reasoning and in isolation this conclusion lacks […]

Critical Thinking Episode 22

This week in critical thinking covers thinking about and for yourself. Follow the money. Good people push bad products all the time. They are looking out for themselves. You need to look out for yourself and find out how they make their money before you give them any of yours. Take away: When making a […]

Chugging Ahead or Are We?

The Federal Reserve Open Market Committee (FOMC) left interest rates unchanged and released a statement that updated their position on the economy just a bit. A comparison of this statement vs. the previous one in January can be found HERE. Notable changes were changing the words “Deterioration in the labor market was abating” to “The […]

Pension Canaries in the Coal Mine

Today the Financial Times reported that “California has acted as the canary in a financial coal mine lately for the rest of the US.” They have recognized the problem of promising much without the ability to deliver. But they haven’t got a real solution. “Northwestern University calculated before the latest bear market that, using risk-adjusted […]

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